In recognition of the bond between humans and animals, the Tri-County Humane Society exists to practice and promote humane practices, compassionate care, and prevention of cruelty to animals. This society serves the community, both animals and people, primarily by:

  • Providing quality care and adoption services for animals in need.
  • Offering educational programs to encourage awareness, understanding and practice of humane principles.
  • Handling questions and complaints regarding animal care and behavior, including alleged cruelty and neglect cases.

Some of our services include care for homeless animals, pet adoption, pet lost and found, and humane education. We also provide knowledgeable answers to questions regarding pet care, behavior, and many other animal related issues.

Our knowledgeable administators and volunteers will assist you in finding a pet who is a good match for you and your family. Thousands of homeless animals are sheltered each year. Generally we are able to keep healthy and adoptable animals until they find homes. Many of our animals come from loving homes, some do not. All are looking for and deserve safe homes and caring companions. In an effort to reduce the number of unwanted pets, we require all adopted animals to be spayed or neutered.

Whether you have lost or found an animal, TCHS can assist you. Not all lost animals come to the shelter, but our staff can connect you to the various locations where lost animals may be. The lost and found animals that are sheltered at TCHS are checked for tags, tattoos, and microchips.

Humane Education

Our programs teach about humane and compassionate pet care. We can tailor our presentations to specific subjects such as safety around animals, pet overpopulation, selecting an appropriate companion animal, and preventing animal cruelty. To schedule a shelter tour or a presentation, contact us.


Volunteers are essential to everything we do. Shelter volunteers of all ages and abilities provide hands-on animal care such as grooming, training, and socialization, in addition to kennel cleaning and general housekeeping and keeping the animals company while they wait for their new homes. Help is also needed beyond the doors of the shelter. Some other volunteer opportunities include: off-site adoptions, yard work, and veterinary medicine. Whatever your talents are, we would love your help.

Information Services

TCHS staff members are very knowledgeable and gladly share information with you. They can help you with animal care and behavior, or refer you to an appropriate resource. Our quarterly newsletter and web site update you on current Society happenings, recognize our volunteers, and convey information pertinent to pets and their companions.